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Sheffield & District Junior League 2009-2010 Season
Rules and Guidelines for Tournament Organisers


1. For the 2009-2010 season there will be a maximum of 6 clubs competing in each event; Abbeydale, Brampton Manor, Doncaster, Duffield, Hallamshire and Pontefract. Some clubs may not play in all events.

2. There will be two categories, under 11 and under 15. The players must be under that age limit on the day of each event.

3. For each event in the series, under 11 and under 15 events will take place on the same day but at different venues. All clubs will host one under 11 event and one under 15 event on separate days.

4. Teams will consist of four players, male or female.

5. The league is intended for players who do not regularly compete in England Squash & Racketball sanctioned events.

6. Teams may field larger squads and rotate players if they so wish. However players must always play in strict merit order.

7. Each team manager shall submit a team order to the host organiser prior to the start of the event. Each player being listed as string 1, 2, 3 etc. in strict order of ability. String 1 being the most competent player in the squad.

8. Ties are a series of four matches (strings 1 to 4) between two clubs.

9. A match is played by two players of the same string from opposing clubs. i.e. string 1 plays string 1, string 2 plays string 2 etc.

10. All matches shall be played using PAR scoring (point a rally).

11. Matches shall be played for a fixed time and the points for and against at the end of the time period recorded as the result.

12. Under 15’s shall use a single yellow dot ball. It is recommended that the Dunlop Max ball be used for the U11’s although other suitable balls maybe used if the Max is not available i.e. red/blue spot balls.

13. The points difference of all four strings will then be accumulated to determine the winner of the tie.

14. The exact time of matches will be determined by the host organiser on the day and will be determined by the availability of courts and the number of matches to be played. It is envisaged that each match will last approximately 10 minutes of continuous play.

15. The local organiser should wherever possible ensure ties are scheduled to give even intervals between ties for all clubs.

16. The host club will provide a simple meal for all players.

17. Each team manager will collect £3 from each team member and pass to the host club organiser as a contribution towards the cost of food and courts.

18. Organisers should aim to complete the events between the hours of 1pm and 3 pm on each Sunday.

19. The host organiser shall send copies of the ‘Tournament Record Sheet’ and the ‘Player Record Sheet’ to Kevin Dudley within one week of the event at:
c/o Hallam Sports
Hallamshire Tennis and Squash Club
716 Ecclesall Road, Hunters Bar, SHEFFIELD, S11 8TA


1. Team managers should select their squads and advise players and parents in plenty of time to make necessary travel arrangements etc. thus avoiding letting host clubs down by either not turning up or having players missing.

2. Team managers should notify the host organiser in advance as to how many players they will be taking.

3. Host organisers must ensure sufficient courts are available for play and that suitable food is provided.

4. Prior to the start of the event the host organiser should obtain the playing order from each team manager and enter the names of the players in merit order on the ‘Player Record Sheet’.

5. The host organiser must then assess the number of matches, calculate the time allowed for each match and schedule the order of play.

6. It is assumed that four courts will be used and that for each tie the four strings will play consecutively on the four courts i.e. tie string1 plays on court 1, string 2 on court 2 etc. Using less than 4 courts will complicate the scheduling and extend the duration of the event!

7. The number of matches will be dependant on the number of clubs resent for each event. In the case all 6 clubs are competing (the maximum) there will be 15 ties of 4 matches, 60 matches in total. A chart is provided below to assist in assessing the
number of matches and required playing times.

8. Having determined the number of matches and calculated a sensible playing time, enter the scheduled times of each tie on the ‘Tournament Record Sheet’.

9. The ‘Tournament Record Sheet’ lists all the ties required assuming all six clubs compete. Should one or more clubs be missing, simply put a line through each tie that includes the said clubs. Those ties remaining form the new schedule.

10. At the end of each tie, take the score sheets and transfer the results onto the ‘Tournament Record Sheet’. The sheet has two boxes for each string for each tie, enter the ‘for’ and ‘against’ score in these boxes.

11. Once the results for all strings in one tie are entered, sum the ‘for’ and ‘against’ scores for the four strings to give the total for the tie.

12. The totals calculated in (11) can then be transferred to the summary table at the bottom.

13. In addition, the names and total points differences of each string must be recorded on the ‘Player Record Sheet’. This will allow us to identify the performance of players throughout the season as well as the clubs. It is hoped to present awards for best
player, most improved player etc.

14. At the end of the event the summary sheet should contain the results for all the ties completed. Summing each column will give the total points against each club, whilst summing each row will give the total points for each club. The ‘points against’ can then be transferred to the ‘points against’ column and subtracted from the ‘points for’ column to give the total points difference for each club for the entire event. It is then simply a question of ranking the clubs 1 to 6 in order of total points difference to give the final results.

Please note that results from the events will be hosted on the Sheffield & District Squash website

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