Peter Kramer Cup Finals Information
Wednesday, March 22, 2017 (19:00:00)

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The schedule for Peter Kramer Cup Finals is below. Matches will be played at Hallamshire Tennis and Squash Club on Sunday 2 April 2017. Play starts at 1:00pm. There are five courts allocated. The intended order of play is shown below. This, of course, is open to change dependent on the length of matches. Players should be present with plenty of time to spare before their match.
We have two independent referees available to mark on the day, however this is not enough to cover all matches so players will be required to mark their own matches. If anybody wishes to volunteer as a referee please contact the site.

Open AFulwood 2 v Abbeydale 1
Open BWoodfield 1 v Doncaster 1
Open CAbbeydale 3 v Hallamshire 4
Open DWoodfield 3 v Hallamshire 5
Open EWoodfield 5 v Princes 2
LadiesHallamshire 2 v Fulwood
VetsPhoenix v Barnsley
RacketballHallamshire 2 v Hallamshire 1

Open E 4Open E 3Racketball 3Open D 4Open D 3
Open E 1Open E 2Racketball 2Open D 1Open D 2
Open C 4Open C 3Racketball 1Open B 4Open B 3
Open C 1Open C 2Ladies 3Open B 1Open B 2
Open A 4Open A 3Ladies 2Vets 4Vets 3
Open A 1Open A 2Ladies 1Vets 1Vets 2

There will be a free food for players following the prize giving.

Why no come along to give your support?

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