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To Team captains/representatives

Sheffield and District Squash League 2015-2016






1a.    The league is administered by the League Committee comprising of a Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, Fixture Secretary, Ladies Secretary and such other persons as shall be temporarily co-opted by the committee.

1b.    The Committee may meet together for the despatch of business and otherwise regulate their meetings as they think fit. Questions arising shall be decided by a majority of votes with the Chairman having a casting vote. The quorum will be two.

1c.     The Committee may appoint a sub-committee and co-opt any person it nominates to such sub-committees.

2a.    The Annual General Meeting of the league shall be held in June or July in each year at a date and time to be fixed by the committee. The committee shall distribute an agenda with the notice of the AGM to each club. The agenda shall include the following…

         -The election of the committee

         -The approval of the annual accounts

         -Any resolutions requested to be placed thereon by any club by written  

          notice delivered to the committee before the end of May

         -All other resolutions proposed by the committee.

3a.    So that all clubs are given fair notice of matters of importance only the resolutions referred to in the said Agenda can be proposed at the AGM and no other business may be brought forward at such Meetings.

3b.    Voting at the AGM on all resolutions shall be on the basis of one vote per club by its duly authorized representative. No proxies will be allowed. A resolution will only be carried out by a majority of 66% of those Clubs attending and voting at the AGM. The quorum shall be eight clubs’ representatives. No more than three members of any one Club may attend (i.e. the Club Representative plus one female team representative) where applicable.

3c.     All other matters and actions whatsoever affecting the League and its administration and rules and the conduct and discipline of the Clubs and their members in connection with the League shall be decided upon and implemented by the Committee whose decision shall be final unless it is changed at a subsequent AGM.


4.      All clubs must pay a subscription £30.00 per participating team to the treasurer before the 1st October. Any club that has failed to pay its subscriptions before this date will have to pay a penalty of £10 and may forfeit all the points gained from matches played prior to its fees being received.

Organisation of the league


5.      The composition of each division of the league will be determined by the Committee but the Clubs may make representation thereon to the Committee at any time. A Club may not normally have more than two teams in the same division. .

6.            a) All league matches must be played between 10th September and the 7th April

   b) New teams wishing to enter the League must apply to the  

      Committee for entry before 31st May.

   c) Teams wishing to withdraw from the League must notify the

      committee before the 31st May

7.      Each team will play others in the same division Home and Away.

8.      All fixtures must be arranged prior to the start of the season and should be received by the secretary no later than 31st July.

9.      Clubs must elect the day and time for Home matches. Matches in the Men’s 1st division must be played on Monday nights.

10.    All matches must be completed on the day of the fixtures and should take place entirely on the home team’s courts. In the event of the Home team’s courts not being available the match may be played on the opponents courts subject to the approval of the League Referees.

11.    At the Annual General Meeting each Club shall nominate a Club representative to be their contact with the Secretary. Club representatives must advise the Secretary of the names and telephone numbers of their Team Captains for the season before 31st July.

Organisation of matches

12.    Each team in the Men’s, Veterans and Ladies divisions to be four a side. Racketball and cup matches are three.



13.        Scoring system:- Match Scoring is best of 5 games PAR (Point a Rally) to 15. At 14-all a player must win by two clear points. e.g. 16-14, 22-20 etc. However Squash Division One and Racketball score to 11. Therefore at 10-all a player must win by two clear points. e.g. 12-10

         1 point for each game won and four bonus points for winning the match. i.e.4/0 win would give a 16 points win for the winning team, 0 points for the losing team. The extra points for winning the tie will be decided on games won and then on points won. If the match is then still undecided the extra points shall be awarded to the winner of the first string rubber. It is important that the numbers of rubbers won and lost, also the number of games won and lost, be entered on the result card, as this may be used to decide promotion or relegation at the end of the season.

14.       Players must register with one club only per season. (Men’s, Ladies and Veterans)

         The Committee may give special dispensation where the players wish to change Clubs during the season. In such circumstances at least 28 days notice must be given to the Secretary in writing.


14a. Players in the Veterans league must be Over 45 on the day of the fixture.

15.        If a club enters more than one team in the league, the following rules 

         will apply:-

               a)   Each club must nominate, to the fixture secretary, before the club

               plays any of its matches, three players in each team except for the lowest team.

               Teams must play in strict order of merit (see Rule 25)

               Teams may change player nominations, provided the fixture secretary is notified of any changes, between 18th December and 8th January.

         b)   No player nominated for a higher-ranking team will be allowed to play for a lower team.

c)       Players playing for a higher ranking team, but not nominated for it will not be eligible to play for the lower ranking team after playing three times in one season for the higher ranking teams. If team captains are unsure of a player’s eligibility, they should contact the fixture secretary.

d)      If, however for good reason ( e.g. new members joining the club ) a club wishes to field a player who has previously played three times for higher ranking teams in a lower ranking team , they must apply to the secretary for dispensation . If dispensation is granted, that player will have to serve a waiting period of 28 days from when dispensation is requested and will also no longer be eligible to play in any higher-ranking team during the remainder of the season.


e)      Each team must play at least 4 matches by the 30th November.

f)        Where a club has 2 or more teams in the same division the matches between the representative teams must be completed by 31st January.


Any team contravening these rules 14 and 15 will be liable at the discretion of the committee to forfeit the match in respect of which the offence was committed. For the purpose of (e) above, both of the teams involved will commit an offence. The player concerned will additionally be suspended from playing in the league for a period of 28 days.

16.       All games must be marked.

17.       All teams must play in strict merit order of merit.

ANY COMPLAINTS SHOULD BE MADE TO THE MATCH SECRETARY WITHIN ONE WEEK OF THE RELEVANT MATCH. The committee, if it considers the complaint justified, will award the match to the complaining side. (Note: if either the first, second, or third player fails to turn up , the remaining team members must move up and play in the missing players place thus leaving the lowest string rubber unplayed ).

18.       Re-arrangements at short notice are not allowed except in adverse weather conditions. In the absence of an agreement from the opposing team, 4 points will be deducted from the team requesting re-arrangement. Subsquent failures to reach agreement for other fixtures will result in an increased penalty of 2 points, e.g. 2nd failure to reach agreement = 6 points, 3rd occasion = 8 points etc.





19.       All England Squash approved balls must be used (black and non marking), either single yellow or double yellow dot. The captains must agree prior to the match on the speed of the ball to be used.

20.        The home captain must enter the full match result into the appropriate form at the Sheffield and District League website at within 7 days of the fixture. The card must be retained by the home captain in the event that it is required to resolve a dispute. It is suggested that away captain takes a copy of the card for reference (eg. digital photograph). If the result is not entered within 7 days the home team will be deducted 5 points.

         Promotion and relegation at the end of the season will normally be two up and two down. Promotion and relegation in the Veterans League shall be: Bottom team in the 1st division will be relegated to Div 2. Top team in Div 2 will be promoted to Div 1.

21.        In the case of a tie on points, the position shall be decided by greater number of matches won; in the case of continued equality, matches lost, games won, etc.

   The date and venue of promotion play-offs will be fixed by the Committee to be played during the last week of April. Teams must consist of their regular players and must be notified to the secretary for approval at least seven days prior to the match.

22.    Ladies may also play in their Clubs men teams without being penalized under rule 15 (C).

23a.  Teams in the Veterans Division will consist of 4 players who must be 45 years old

23b.  Ladies teams will consist of 3 players.

24.    For any infringements of the rules the League Referees are empowered to come to their own judgment taking all factors into account and may 

        refer to the Committee at their discretion. Clubs have the right to

        appeal to the Committee.

25.    In the first few matches of the season Captains of teams lower than their clubs first team must not use players who they know will be regular players in a higher-ranking team. The practice of bringing into any team a player of ability above the team’s top nominated player is not acceptable. No player may play in the second half of the season in the Men’s 1st division, unless they have played at least 3 times for that club prior to 31st December. In exceptional circumstances special dispensation may be granted, but at least 14 days notice must be given to the secretary in writing.

26.    All the above rules shall apply where relevant to the Men’s, Ladies and Veterans leagues.


Points to remember


27.    Ample court times should be booked to enable each match to be completed. A forty-minute session is not considered adequate for most rubbers. It is advisable to book one of the courts for the whole evening, in this way all rubbers can be completed. Both teams must arrive in ample time to enable the first two rubbers to start at the agreed time. The start time should not be later than 7.45. The remaining two rubbers must arrive in time to play immediately after the first two have finished. If rubbers are not immediately available to play their matches shall be forfeited to the opposing team. In the case of ladies matches with 3 players, each rubber must be immediately available to play after each rubber has finished.

28.    Ensure you forward the name, address and telephone number of any change to your Club Representative or Team Captain.

29.    The Sheffield and District League as always encouraged a certain amount of socialising after matches. The home team is expected to offer a modicum of hospitality to its visitors. A snack meal and normally some alcoholic refreshment should be offered and early disappearance of home and away players is to be discouraged. In the event of an away team of cancelling at short notice, when not in accordance with Rule 18 they will be expected to reimburse the home team of any hospitality or court fees expense incurred as a result of cancellation.


31.    Please would all captains show first names on the result cards for each member of their team.


32.    Players will only be allowed to wear clothing on court that applies with current England Squash rules.

33.    Suggestions for rule alternatives should be sent to the Secretary prior to the end of the season.

34.    Teams withdrawing after the fixtures have been published (July 31st), they will be fined £30.00


Peter Kramer Cup - Rules and Guidelines 2015-16


Cup Structure - There are seven draws:


The 'A' Draw, which consists of teams from Division One.

The 'B' Draw, which consists of teams from Division Two.

The 'C' Draw, which consists of teams from Division Three.

The 'D' Draw, which consists of teams from Division Four.

The 'E' Draw, which consists of teams from Division Four.

The 'Vets' Draw

The 'Ladies' Draw

The 'Racketball' Draw


All draws are seeded based upon the final league tables from the previous season. There are two seeds in each draw. The draws are completed by selecting teams at random. The home team is decided by the toss of a coin, and will be throughout each round of the tournament.


The home team is responsible for arranging the fixture…


…however, every effort SHOULD be made by BOTH teams to ensure that the fixture is completed. The fixture MUST be played before the date given in the draw. The home team SHOULD provide some flexibility but does not have to offer any more than three dates. The away team SHOULD cooperate by being equally flexible and MUST accept one of these dates. Failing an agreement the last date of the round shall be considered the date of the fixture. If the fixture does not get completed then it will be awarded to the away team. Akin to League Rule 20; score cards MUST be sent in by the home team within 7 DAYS of the fixture (or last day of the round, whichever is earlier)


Costs MUST be met by both teams.


Since cup ties are only one leg. The away team is expected to contribute half of the costs incurred by the home team.


Fixtures are to be played under normal league rules.


The winner will be determined by normal league scoring, counting back to points if necessary. In the event of a tie the team that won the first rubber shall be the declared victorious.


As a reminder, players MUST play in their declared order and once a player is tied to a team they MUST NOT 'play down'. Additionally for rounds played after Christmas, players MUST have played at least two league matches for the team they are representing before competing. Special dispensation MAY be given in exceptional circumstances; however teams MUST apply to the league referees for this to be given. Before dispensation is granted a 28 DAYS waiting period has to be served.


Cup fixtures DO NOT count towards a player’s allegiance to a team.


The finals will be played at a fixed venue and date.


The final will be played in April at a venue selected by the committee.

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