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Barnsley Squash Club


Barnsley Squash Club
Shaw Lane
S70 6HZ
01226 731488

Club Representative

Malc Harrison


Barnsley 2Monday at 7:30pm
Captain: Lee Greaves
1. Aubrey Ng'Namo
2. Phil Wakefield
3. Ben Jebson
Barnsley 3Sunday at 7:30pm
Captain: Mike Harrison
1. Ed Hazlewood
2. Rich Maxwell
3. Liam Dickinson
Barnsley 4Sunday at 7:30pm
Captain: Dave Greenwood
Barnsley VetsSunday at 5:30pm
Captain: Lee Greaves


All Players


DateDivisionHome TeamAway TeamResult
Tue 19 Sep 2017Division 2Abbeydale 2VBarnsley 316-4
Mon 25 Sep 2017Division 2Barnsley 2VAbbeydale 25-14
Thu 28 Sep 2017Division 2Abbeydale 3VBarnsley 47-12
Sun 1 Oct 2017Division 2Hallamshire 4VBarnsley 316-5
Mon 2 Oct 2017Division 2Barnsley 2VBarnsley 416-2
Tue 10 Oct 2017Division 2Barnsley 4VBarnsley 31-16
Mon 16 Oct 2017Division 2Barnsley 3VBarnsley 216-6
Fri 20 Oct 2017VetsPhoenix VetsVBarnsley Vets6-12
Sun 22 Oct 2017Division 2Barnsley 4VAbbeydale 23-16
Tue 24 Oct 2017Division 2Fulwood 3VBarnsley 27-12
Sun 29 Oct 2017Division 2Hallamshire 3VBarnsley 25-13
Mon 6 Nov 2017Division 2Barnsley 2VAbbeydale 316-1
Fri 10 Nov 2017Division 2Hallamshire 4VBarnsley 416-1
Fri 10 Nov 2017Division 2Hallamshire 3VBarnsley 313-7
Mon 13 Nov 2017Division 2Barnsley 2VWoodfield 26-13
Tue 14 Nov 2017Division 2Fulwood 3VBarnsley 416-0
Sun 19 Nov 2017Division 2Barnsley 3VAbbeydale 314-4
Sun 19 Nov 2017Division 2Barnsley 4VBarnsley 26-14
Thu 23 Nov 2017Division 2Abbeydale 3VBarnsley 21-16
Mon 27 Nov 2017Division 2Barnsley 2VHallamshire 48-12
Sun 3 Dec 2017Division 2Barnsley 3VFulwood 315-5
Mon 4 Dec 2017VetsBarnsley VetsVHallamshire Vets16-0
Mon 11 Dec 2017Division 2Barnsley 3VAbbeydale 24-15
Sun 7 Jan 2018Division 2Barnsley 4VHallamshire 4*Late card
Mon 8 Jan 2018Division 2Barnsley 3VHallamshire 314-6
Tue 9 Jan 2018Division 2Abbeydale 2VBarnsley 215-6
Sun 14 Jan 2018Division 2Barnsley 3VWoodfield 25-14
Sun 14 Jan 2018Division 2Barnsley 3VBarnsley 4
Sun 14 Jan 2018VetsWoodfield VetsVBarnsley Vets
Mon 15 Jan 2018Division 2Barnsley 2VFulwood 35-13
Sun 21 Jan 2018Division 2Barnsley 4VFulwood 3
Sun 21 Jan 2018VetsHallamshire VetsVBarnsley Vets
Tue 23 Jan 2018Division 2Woodfield 2VBarnsley 4
Sun 4 Feb 2018Division 2Barnsley 3VHallamshire 4
Sun 11 Feb 2018Division 2Hallamshire 4VBarnsley 2
Sun 11 Feb 2018Division 2Barnsley 4VAbbeydale 3
Sun 18 Feb 2018Division 2Barnsley 4VHallamshire 3
Tue 20 Feb 2018Division 2Abbeydale 2VBarnsley 4
Tue 27 Feb 2018Division 2Fulwood 3VBarnsley 3
Wed 28 Feb 2018Division 2Woodfield 2VBarnsley 2
Thu 8 Mar 2018Division 2Abbeydale 3VBarnsley 3
Sun 11 Mar 2018Division 2Barnsley 4VWoodfield 2
Mon 12 Mar 2018Division 2Barnsley 2VHallamshire 3
Sat 24 Mar 2018Division 2Barnsley 2VBarnsley 3
Wed 28 Mar 2018Division 2Woodfield 2VBarnsley 3
TBACup VetsPhoenix VetsVBarnsley Vets
TBAVetsBarnsley VetsVPhoenix Vets
TBAVetsBarnsley VetsVWoodfield Vets
TBADivision 2Hallamshire 3VBarnsley 4

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