Sheffield and District Squash League

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Team Contact Details

Abbeydale 1Monday at 7:30pmMark Tasker
Abbeydale 2Monday at 7:30pmNick Wall
Abbeydale 3Thursday at 7:30pmJim Shelston
Abbeydale 4Thursday at 7:30pmSimon Tibbert
Abbeydale RBTuesday at 7:30pmBrian Thornton
Barnsley 1Monday at 7:30pmMark Benyon
Barnsley 2Monday at 7:30pmBill Muirhead
Barnsley VetsFriday at 7:30pmPhil Wakefield
Doncaster 1Tues/Thurs at 7:40pmDavid Ward
Fulwood 1Monday at 7:30pmAndrew Mills
Fulwood 2Monday at 7:30pmRahul Bonsal
Fulwood 3Tuesday at 7:30pmDavid Payne
Fulwood 5Tuesday at 7:30pmAlex Herdea
Fulwood LadiesThursday at 7:30pmKatie Mills
Fulwood RBFriday at 7:30pmChris Mills
Fulwood VetsMonday at 7:30pmDavid Snelson
Hallamshire 1Monday at 7:40pmAlex Cutts
Hallamshire 2Monday at 7:40pmDylan Martens
Hallamshire 3Sunday at 6.20pmBrandon Petty
Hallamshire 4Sunday at 3:40pmTom Murton
Hallamshire 5Sunday at 6:20pmTom Jackson
Hallamshire 6Sunday at 3:40pmAdam Bierton
Hallamshire 7Sunday at 3:40pmDavid Rayworth
Hallamshire 8Sunday at 6:20pmRebecca Miller
Hallamshire Ladies 1Monday at 7:40pmHolly Moore
Hallamshire Ladies 2Monday at 7:40pmKate Martin
Hallamshire RB 1Wednesday at 7:40pmJim Muirhead
Hallamshire RB 2Wednesday at 7:40pmPat Allen
Hallamshire VetsSunday at 6:20pmBrandon Petty
Phoenix 1Thursday at 7:30pmPaul Harvey
Phoenix 2Wednesday at 7:30pmAlex Hurdley
Phoenix 3Thursday at 7:30pmRichard Hobson
Phoenix RBThursday at 7:30pmCarl Sherwood
Princes 1Monday at 7:30pmBrendan Hickerman
Princes 2Tuesday at 7:30pmMike Parker
Princes LadiesTuesday at 7:30pmSue Jones
Princes RBWednesday at 7:30pmNick Melton
Queens ParkMonday at 7:30pmJosh Underhill
RotherhamFriday at 7:00pmMario Gal
Rotherham RBThursday at 7:00pmTrevor Dawson
Rotherham VetsWednesday at 7:00pmTrevor Dawson
Sheffield MedicsWednesday at 8:00pmTristian Slaney
StocksbridgeThursday at 7:00pmMark Wingfield
Woodfield 1Monday at 7.40pmAndrew Tressler
Woodfield 2Tuesday at 7:40pmBen Thornton / Dave Bates
Woodfield 3Tuesday at 7:40pmAdam Cattell
Woodfield 4Thursday at 7.40pmSteve Chandar
Woodfield 5Friday at 7.40pmConner Shields / Dave Medlicott
Woodfield 6Saturday at 12.00pmPhil Mason
Woodfield 7Wednesday at 7:30pmDave Medlicott
Woodfield LadiesSunday at 2:00pmLaura Hawksworth
Woodfield VetsSaturday at 2:00pmNij Precious