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Rotherham Leisure Complex


Rotherham Leisure Complex
Effingham Street
S65 1BL
01709 722555

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All Players


DateDivisionHome TeamAway TeamResult
Wed 18 Sep 2019VetsRotherham VetsVBarnsley Vets0-16
Fri 20 Sep 2019Division 4RotherhamVHallamshire 87-11
Wed 25 Sep 2019RacketballHallamshire RB 2VRotherham RB12-0
Thu 3 Oct 2019RacketballRotherham RBVPrinces RB0-12
Wed 9 Oct 2019VetsRotherham VetsVWoodfield Vets0-16
Fri 11 Oct 2019Division 4RotherhamVStocksbridge9-14
Fri 11 Oct 2019RacketballFulwood RBVRotherham RB12-0
Thu 17 Oct 2019RacketballPhoenix RBVRotherham RB12-0
Fri 18 Oct 2019Division 4RotherhamVSheffield Medics1-16
Sun 3 Nov 2019Division 4Hallamshire 6VRotherham16-1
Mon 4 Nov 2019VetsFulwood VetsVRotherham Vets16-0
Tue 12 Nov 2019RacketballAbbeydale RBVRotherham RB12-0
Thu 14 Nov 2019Division 4Abbeydale 4VRotherham14-4
Fri 22 Nov 2019Division 4RotherhamVPhoenix 36-15
Wed 27 Nov 2019RacketballHallamshire RB 1VRotherham RB12-0
Fri 29 Nov 2019Division 4RotherhamVHallamshire 73-16
Sun 1 Dec 2019VetsHallamshire VetsVRotherham Vets16-0
Sun 8 Dec 2019Division 4Hallamshire 7VRotherham16-5
Fri 13 Dec 2019Division 4Woodfield 7VRotherham4-14
Thu 9 Jan 2020RacketballRotherham RBVPhoenix RB1-12
Mon 13 Jan 2020Division 4Queens ParkVRotherham16-0
Thu 16 Jan 2020RacketballRotherham RBVHallamshire RB 10-12
Sat 25 Jan 2020VetsWoodfield VetsVRotherham Vets13-4
Thu 30 Jan 2020VetsRotherham VetsVFulwood Vets3-14
Fri 31 Jan 2020Division 4RotherhamVHallamshire 61-16
Thu 6 Feb 2020RacketballRotherham RBVHallamshire RB 20-12
Fri 7 Feb 2020Division 4RotherhamVQueens Park1-16
Sun 9 Feb 2020VetsBarnsley VetsVRotherham Vets16-1
Wed 19 Feb 2020Division 4Sheffield MedicsVRotherham16-1
Wed 19 Feb 2020RacketballPrinces RBVRotherham RB12-0
Wed 26 Feb 2020VetsRotherham VetsVHallamshire Vets2-16
Fri 28 Feb 2020Division 4RotherhamVAbbeydale 43-14
Thu 5 Mar 2020RacketballRotherham RBVAbbeydale RB0-12
Fri 6 Mar 2020Division 4RotherhamVWoodfield 716-0
Thu 12 Mar 2020RacketballRotherham RBVFulwood RB*Late card
Wed 18 Mar 2020Division 4Phoenix 3VRotherham*Late card
Sun 29 Mar 2020Division 4Hallamshire 8VRotherham*Late card
Thu 2 Apr 2020Division 4StocksbridgeVRotherham*Late card

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