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Fulwood RB Fixtures (Fulwood)

DateDivisionHome TeamAway TeamResult
Thu 10 Oct 2013RacketballFulwood RBVHallamshire RB 212-2
Thu 24 Oct 2013RacketballHallamshire RB 1VFulwood RB1-12
Thu 7 Nov 2013RacketballFulwood RBVHallamshire RB 111-3
Thu 21 Nov 2013RacketballFulwood RBVBrampton Manor RB11-5
Thu 6 Feb 2014RacketballFulwood RBVBarnsley RB12-0
Thu 20 Feb 2014RacketballHallamshire RB 2VFulwood RB0-12
Wed 19 Mar 2014RacketballBarnsley RBVFulwood RB0-12
Wed 2 Apr 2014RacketballBrampton Manor RBVFulwood RB11-3
Sun 6 Apr 2014Cup RBBrampton Manor RBVFulwood RB5-11
Thu 9 Oct 2014RacketballFulwood RBVHallamshire RB 19-5
Thu 23 Oct 2014RacketballFulwood RBVAbbeydale RB9-3
Thu 13 Nov 2014RacketballHallamshire RB 2VFulwood RB3-12
Wed 3 Dec 2014RacketballPrinces RBVFulwood RB7-9
Fri 12 Dec 2014RacketballBarnsley RBVFulwood RB0-12
Thu 8 Jan 2015RacketballHallamshire RB 1VFulwood RB2-12
Mon 19 Jan 2015RacketballAbbeydale RBVFulwood RB3-12
Thu 29 Jan 2015RacketballFulwood RBVBarnsley RB12-0
Thu 26 Feb 2015RacketballFulwood RBVHallamshire RB 29-6
Thu 19 Mar 2015Cup RBFulwood RBVHallamshire RB 1*Late card
Mon 13 Apr 2015RacketballFulwood RBVPrinces RB3-12
Wed 7 Oct 2015RacketballPrinces RBVFulwood RB3-12
Thu 29 Oct 2015RacketballHallamshire RB 1VFulwood RB5-11
Thu 19 Nov 2015RacketballHallamshire RB 2VFulwood RB4-10
Fri 15 Jan 2016RacketballHallamshire RB 3VFulwood RB4-12
Thu 4 Feb 2016RacketballFulwood RBVPrinces RB12-3
Fri 19 Feb 2016RacketballFulwood RBVHallamshire RB 39-5
Sat 5 Mar 2016RacketballFulwood RBVHallamshire RB 111-3
Thu 24 Mar 2016RacketballFulwood RBVHallamshire RB 210-7
Thu 6 Oct 2016RacketballHallamshire RB 2VFulwood RB2-12
Wed 19 Oct 2016RacketballFulwood RBVPrinces RB9-3
Thu 27 Oct 2016RacketballHallamshire RB 3VFulwood RB2-12
Wed 9 Nov 2016RacketballFulwood RBVHallamshire RB 15-11
Thu 12 Jan 2017RacketballHallamshire RB 1VFulwood RB5-10
Thu 19 Jan 2017Cup RBHallamshire RB 2VFulwood RB12-0
Tue 24 Jan 2017RacketballPrinces RBVFulwood RB4-10
Wed 8 Feb 2017RacketballFulwood RBVHallamshire RB 212-3
Wed 1 Mar 2017RacketballFulwood RBVHallamshire RB 39-3
Fri 6 Oct 2017RacketballFulwood RB 2VFulwood RB1-12
Thu 19 Oct 2017RacketballFulwood RBVAbbeydale RB12-1
Thu 26 Oct 2017RacketballFulwood RBVPrinces RB9-4
Thu 2 Nov 2017RacketballHallamshire RB 3VFulwood RB2-12
Thu 23 Nov 2017RacketballFulwood RBVHallamshire RB 25-11
Thu 30 Nov 2017RacketballFulwood RBVFulwood RB 212-0
Thu 25 Jan 2018Cup RBHallamshire RB 2VFulwood RB12-6
Thu 25 Jan 2018RacketballHallamshire RB 2VFulwood RB12-6
Wed 7 Feb 2018RacketballPrinces RBVFulwood RB4-11
Thu 1 Mar 2018RacketballFulwood RBVHallamshire RB 311-5
Thu 8 Mar 2018RacketballPhoenix RBVFulwood RB0-12
Tue 13 Mar 2018RacketballAbbeydale RBVFulwood RB1-12
Tue 10 Apr 2018RacketballFulwood RBVPhoenix RB12-0
Wed 25 Sep 2019RacketballPrinces RBVFulwood RB5-10
Tue 1 Oct 2019RacketballAbbeydale RBVFulwood RB2-12
Fri 11 Oct 2019RacketballFulwood RBVRotherham RB12-0
Fri 25 Oct 2019RacketballFulwood RBVHallamshire RB 212-3
Fri 8 Nov 2019RacketballFulwood RBVHallamshire RB 19-4
Thu 21 Nov 2019RacketballPhoenix RBVFulwood RB0-12
Wed 8 Jan 2020RacketballHallamshire RB 1VFulwood RB4-9
Fri 17 Jan 2020RacketballFulwood RBVPrinces RB12-0
Fri 24 Jan 2020RacketballFulwood RBVPhoenix RB11-4
Fri 31 Jan 2020RacketballFulwood RBVAbbeydale RB12-1
Wed 19 Feb 2020RacketballHallamshire RB 2VFulwood RB2-12
Thu 12 Mar 2020RacketballRotherham RBVFulwood RB*Late card
TBARacketballHallamshire RB 1VFulwood RB
TBARacketballHallamshire RB 2VFulwood RB
TBARacketballPhoenix RBVFulwood RB
TBARacketballAbbeydale RBVFulwood RB
TBACup RBFulwood RBVHallamshire RB 2
TBARacketballFulwood RBVPhoenix RB
TBARacketballFulwood RBVAbbeydale RB
TBARacketballFulwood RBVHallamshire RB 2
TBARacketballFulwood RBVHallamshire RB 1
TBACup RBFulwood RBVHallamshire RB 2

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Team Details

Fulwood RBFriday at 7:30pm
Captain: Chris Mills1. Adam Langham
2. Chris Mills